Vaccine Discovery

Vaccine Discovery Scientific Research Component (SRSC)
 (PI: Julie McElrath, Fred Hutchison Cancer Center). 
This SRSC will be a small, integrated scientific body (the Vaccine Discovery Group) with broad expertise in vaccine development and a commitment to contribute to the design of a safe and effective HIV vaccine. Its membership includes academics who have successfully advanced immunogen concepts to licensure by industry, those who have overseen industry efforts leading to vaccine licensure, and persons with extensive knowledge of and leadership in the clinical HIV vaccine field. We envisage this SRSC acting initially in an advisory capacity as a readily accessible, informal sounding board for the CHAVI-ID Executive Committee (CEC) in many matters relating to vaccine discovery. The members of the Group will be fully available and accessible to CHAVI-ID investigators through their attendance at CHAVI-ID meetings and on an ad hoc basis. As immunogens and immunization regimes are discovered, the Group will provide guidance, based on individual experience, toward maintaining an appropriate balance between immunogens that can be successfully formulated for licensure and administered safely with those that may elicit a potential desired protective immune response by a candidate HIV vaccine. They will provide advice on prerequisites for regulatory submissions and trial designs that can streamline efforts for the vaccine?s future critical path to advanced testing. They will also advise on vaccine production. In the later years of the CHAVI- ID, depending upon progress, we envisage the Group forming a Focus team to move the best vaccine candidates and strategies into clinical trials. The long-term interaction of the Group with the CHAVI-ID Director and the SLG should facilitate a smooth transition towards the ultimate goal of the CHAVI-ID.

Its members are scientists who have successfully advanced immunogen concepts in academia to licensure by industry, who have overseen industry efforts leading to vaccine licensure, and who have extensive knowledge in the clinical HIV vaccine field. These include: 

  • Julie McElrath, Chair Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA, expert in HIV clinical vaccine development and P.I., HVTN Laboratory Program
  • George Siber, Genocea Biosciences, Inc., New York, New York, a former Exec VP and CSO at Wyeth, who led development and approval of six vaccines, including Prevnar
  • Ian Frazer, Translational Research Institute, Brisbane, Australia, an academic leader in the successful development of HPV vaccine
  • Adel Mahmoud, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, a former president of Merck Vaccines, who led the development of four new vaccines (rotavirus, HPV, HPV, MMR-V)
  • Stanley Plotkin, Univ. of Penn and Wistar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sanofi Pasteur consultant, who developed rubella vaccine (RA27/3 strain)
  • Harry Greenberg, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, an academic leader in the successful development of rotavirus vaccine.