Glycobiology SRSC 
(PI: Chris Scanlan, Glycobiology Institute, Oxford) 

The Glycobiology Scientific Research Component (SRSC) will focus on the analysis and optimization of glycans from CHAVI-ID immunogens. Specifically, the SRSC will evaluate the composition of glycans on candidate immunogens, correlate these data with the reactivity of candidate immunogens to bnAbs and their affinity for defined oligomannose isomers, employ glycan engineering to enhance immunogen similarity with native envelope, and investigate how glycans on gp120 modulate immunogenicity. Members of the SRSC have advanced the application of ion mobility mass spectrometry for the analysis of extremely low amounts of glycans isolated from sub-microgram amounts of glycoprotein, which will be critical in cases where only small amounts of glycoprotein are available. The glycobiology SRSC will contribute to Focus #1 Aims 1, 4, 5, and 6.