2016 Chris Scanlan Memorial Travel Award Winner - Gemma Seabright

The 2016 Chris Scanlan Memorial Travel Award has been issued to Gemma Seabright, a second-year DPhil student working in biochemistry at the University of Oxford. Nominated by Dr. Max Crispin, her thesis focuses on the structure and immunogenicity of the glycan shield of the HIV-1 envelope spike. Using quantitative sity-analysis, she hopes to understand how glycan density shapes the glycosylation of trimer, particularly the formation of the oligomannose clusters. Additionally, Seabright is developing a strategy to enhance the immunogenicity of such clusters, following the work of Dr. Chris Scanlan on the immunogenicity of yeast and the potential to generate cross-reactive neutralizing antibodies.

Seabright will be using the award to attend the 2017 Scripps CHAVI-ID All-Investigators Retreat in La Jolla, CA, January 9-11.

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Gemma Seabright