AIDS Vaccine 2013 Satellite Session: Structure and Antigenicity of Soluble, Cleaved (SOSIP) HIV-1 gp140 Trimers

*UPDATE: The webcast of the session is available here. A recap by Unmesh Khur can be found at IAVIReport.

Scripps CHAVI-ID will be hosting a satellite session at the AIDS Vaccine 2013 Meeting in Barcelona on Monday, October 7. The session will present exciting new data on cleaved soluble gp140 trimers based on the subtype A HIV-1 BG505 sequence. These highly stable trimers are excellent antigenic mimics of the native, virion-associated Env spike and display epitopes for broadly neutralizing antibodies while occluding non-neutralizing epitopes in contrast to uncleaved gp140 trimers of various genotypes that adopt irregular and heterogeneous, non-native structures. Of central importance, the presentations will describe two highly concordant high-resolution structures (<6Å) of these cleaved soluble trimers derived by cryo-electron microscopy and x-ray crystallography.

The session, chaired by Scripps CHAVI-ID Director Dennis Burton, will take place from 12:00 - 3:00 pm in room 123 of the International Convention Center and is open to all registered meeting attendees. John Moore and Rogier Sanders are scheduled presenters, along with Scripps CHAVI-ID PIs Andrew Ward and Ian Wilson. Jean-Philippe Julien and PJ Klasse will join the speakers for a panel discussion to conclude the session.

For more information or to register for AIDS Vaccine 2013, visit the Global HIV Vaccine website.

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Photo by Dave Freeman, courtesy of The Scripps Research Institute Biomedical Graphics Department