2014 Chris Scanlan Memorial Travel Award Winner - Simon Spiro

The inaugural Chris Scanlan Memorial Travel Award has been issued to Simon Spiro, a DPhil student at the University of Oxford.  Nominated by Dr. Max Crispin, Spiro's thesis is focused on the subject of using iminosugars as antiviral drugs.  Specifically, Spiro is looking at the effects of one specific compound on the structure of the gp120 protein of HIV, working with both recombinant systems and live virus.  He is also working to identify new targets within the folding pathways of viral glycoproteins that could be targeted by novel broad-spectrum antivirals.  Spiro has also studied under Rogier Sanders at the University of Amsterdam in the production of stabilized HIV envelope trimers.

Spiro will be using this award to attend the 2014 Glycoimmunology Workshop in La Jolla, CA, June 23-24.

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Simon Spiro