Darrell Irvine Joins Scripps CHAVI-ID

Dr. Darrell Irvine, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and Biological Engineering at MIT, has joined the Scripps CHAVI-ID as a Principal Investigator on the Research Focus 2 Team.


Dr. Irvine's research focuses on engineering approaches to develop treatments for cancer, infectious disease, and autoimmunity. In collaboration with the Scripps CHAVI-ID through supplementary funding, his laboratory has recently developed a strategy to dramatically enhance targeting of subunit vaccines to lymp nodes, based on the conjugation of vaccine cargos to amphiphilic lipid tails designed to bind tightly to endogenous albumin. Within the CHAVI-ID, Dr. Irvine's lab will focus on three areas: evaluating novel adjuvants to promote Tfh responses, GC induction, and antibody breadth; testing the role of particulate display and oligomerization on B cell recognition and the immune response to candidate HIV Env immunogens; and developing practical methods for control vaccine kinetics.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology