Gabriel Ozorowski Awarded Mathilde Krim Fellowship

Gabriel Ozorowski, a senior research associate in the Ward Lab, has been awarded a prestigious 2017 Mathilde Krim Fellowship in Basic Biomedical Research Grant from amfAR []. The Foundation for AIDS Research, to support his HIV research and future career development.

Ozorowski uses computational biology, along with cutting-edge techniques in cryo-electron microscopy, to reveal the structures of HIV molecules. His work has uncovered previously unknown structures of Env, the protein on HIV’s surface that allows the virus to fuse to host cells.

Already, Ozorowski has co-authored over two dozen publications on electron microscopy of viral proteins. “Gabe is a multi-faceted and talented experimental biologist who seamlessly transitions from the lab bench, to the electron microscope, to the computational realm,” said TSRI Professor Andrew Ward. “He has become an intellectual and experimental leader in my lab and is my point person for all things that involve HIV Env characterization.”

With the new $150,000 grant from amfAR, Ozorowski plans to study Env’s different conformations with the goal of finding drug candidates that bind to these different states and prevent the virus from infecting cells.


News Image Credit: 
The Scripps Research Institute