Leo Kong Receives amfAR Mathilde Krim Fellowship

Dr. Leopold Kong, postdoctoral researcher in the Wilson lab, is one of four receipients nationwide in the sixth round of Mathilde Krim Fellowships in Basic Biomedical Research awards. The award, in the amount of $125,000, will support Dr. Kong's research on a unique approach toward developing an HIV vaccine. Dr. Kong is attempting to develop a vaccine on the basis of the protective coating of sugar-like molecules that surround the virus. This coating is traditionally thought to hamper the development of antibodies that might form the basis of a vaccine. Dr. Kong will determine whether this protective coat can instead be turned against the virus to render it vulnerable to destruction by the body's immune system. His research will determine whether antibodies generated against these sugars might form the basis of a vaccine that could prevent infection.

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Photo by Dave Freeman, courtesy of The Scripps Research Institute Biomedical Graphics Department