Max Crispin Appointed PI of Glycobiology Core

Dr. Max Crispin has been appointed Principal Investigator of the Glycobiology Scientific Research Support Component (SRSC-B) at the University of Oxford, following the unfortunate passing of Dr. Chris Scanlan.

Dr. Crispin is an expert in glycan analysis, the enzymology of glycosylation, and the structural biology of glycoproteins. Since joining Dr. Scanlan's lab in 2009, he has helped lead the HIV glycosylation analysis projects, representing this work at annual meetings of the IAVI NAC and Scripps CHAVI-ID. He has led glycan-engineering work to reveal new antibody Fc architectures with fine-tuned effector functions and has also co-authored several studies on the structural biology of the attachment glycoproteins of emerging viruses Nipah, Hendrah, and Machupo.

After graduating from the University of Oxford in 2001, Dr. Crispin completed his doctorate with Professors Raymond Dwek and Pauline Rudd of the Oxford Glycobiology Institute and Professor Ian Wilson of The Scripps Research Institute. During his doctoral work, he led the development of the glycan engineering strategies now widely adopted, such as the use of kifunensine, and helped develop a mannosidase II deficient HEK 293T cell line. Dr. Crispin also applied these techniques to the early exploration of the epitope of 2G12. He determined the structure of an antibody glycoform containing unprocessed oligomannose glycans during his postdoctoral work with Professors David Stuart and Yvonne Jones at the University of Oxford.

Currently, Dr. Crispin holds the positions of Fellow and Tutor in Biochemistry at Oriel College and University Research Lecturer, both at the University of Oxford.