News and Views Features Work from Wilson Lab

A "News & Views" article in the July 2013 issue of Nature Structural & Molecular Biology by Max Crispin and Thomas A. Bowden highlights recent work in the Wilson lab.

Antibodies Expose Multiple Weaknesses in the Glycan Shield of HIV

Broadly neutralizing antibodies can recognize the glycan shield coating the viral-envelope proteins of HIV, despite structural variation. Because this structual variation is considerably lower than that of the protein sequence, glycans have become an inviting vaccine target. Work done by Kong et. al. (Nat Struct Mol Biol, 20(7):796-803, 2013) has shown that broadly neutralizing antibodies can tolerate the diversity of the glycan shield and thus revealed sites of vulnerability in the viral envelope. While development of appropriate adjuvant and immunization strategies are crucial, an anti-glycan immune response will be an important component of a successful HIV vaccine.

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Photo by Dave Freeman, courtesy of The Scripps Research Institute Biomedical Graphics Department