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Klein F, Mouquet H, Dosenovic P, Scheid JF, Scharf L, Nussenzweig MC.  2013.  Antibodies in HIV-1 vaccine development and therapy.. Science. 341(6151):1199-204.
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Hoot S, McGuire AT, Cohen KW, Strong RK, Hangartner L, Klein F, Diskin R, Scheid JF, Sather ND, Burton DR et al..  2013.  Recombinant HIV envelope proteins fail to engage germline versions of anti-CD4bs bNAbs.. PLoS Pathog. 9(1):e1003106.
Diskin R, Klein F, Horwitz JA, Halper-Stromberg A, Sather ND, Marcovecchio PM, Lee T, West AP, Gao H, Seaman MS et al..  2013.  Restricting HIV-1 pathways for escape using rationally designed anti-HIV-1 antibodies.. J Exp Med. 210(6):1235-49.
Klein F, Diskin R, Scheid JF, Gaebler C, Mouquet H, Georgiev IS, Pancera M, Zhou T, Incesu R-B, Fu BZhongzheng et al..  2013.  Somatic mutations of the immunoglobulin framework are generally required for broad and potent HIV-1 neutralization.. Cell. 153(1):126-38.