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Liu J, Li H, Iampietro JM, Barouch DH.  2012.  Accelerated heterologous adenovirus prime-boost SIV vaccine in neonatal rhesus monkeys.. J Virol. 86(15):7829-35.
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Stephenson KE, Sanmiguel A, Simmons NL, Smith K, Lewis MG, Szinger JJ, Korber B, Barouch DH.  2012.  Full-Length HIV-1 Immunogens Induce Greater Magnitude and Comparable Breadth of T Lymphocyte Responses to Conserved HIV-1 Regions Compared With Conserved-Region-Only HIV-1 Immunogens in Rhesus Monkeys.. J Virol.
Stephenson KE, Li H, Walker BD, Michael NL, Barouch DH.  2012.  Gag-Specific Cellular Immunity Determines In Vitro Viral Inhibition and In Vivo Virologic Control following Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Challenges of Vaccinated Rhesus Monkeys.. J Virol. 86(18):9583-9.
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Barouch DH, Klasse P J, Dufour J, Veazey RS, Moore JP.  2012.  Macaque studies of vaccine and microbicide combinations for preventing HIV-1 sexual transmission.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 109(22):8694-8.
Stephenson KE, Hural J, Buchbinder SP, Sinangil F, Barouch DH.  2012.  Preexisting adenovirus seropositivity is not associated with increased HIV-1 acquisition in three HIV-1 vaccine efficacy trials.. J Infect Dis. 205(12):1806-10.