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Guttman M, Garcia NK, Cupo A, Matsui T, Julien J-P, Sanders RW, Wilson IA, Moore JP, Lee KK.  2014.  CD4-induced activation in a soluble HIV-1 Env trimer.. Structure. 22(7):974-84.
Sok D, Doores KJ, Briney B, Le KM, Saye-Francisco KL, Ramos A, Kulp DW, Julien J-P, Menis S, Wickramasinghe L et al..  2014.  Promiscuous Glycan Site Recognition by Antibodies to the High-Mannose Patch of gp120 Broadens Neutralization of HIV.. Sci Transl Med. 6(236):236ra63.
Sok D, van Gils MJ, Pauthner M, Julien J-P, Saye-Francisco KL, Hsueh J, Briney B, Lee J H, Le KM, Lee PS et al..  2014.  Recombinant HIV envelope trimer selects for quaternary-dependent antibodies targeting the trimer apex.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 111(49):17624-9.
Blattner C, Lee J H, Sliepen K, Derking R, Falkowska E, de la Peña ATorrents, Cupo A, Julien J-P, van Gils M, Lee PS et al..  2014.  Structural Delineation of a Quaternary, Cleavage-Dependent Epitope at the gp41-gp120 Interface on Intact HIV-1 Env Trimers.. Immunity. 40(5):669-80.
Garces F, Sok D, Kong L, McBride R, Kim HJ, Saye-Francisco KF, Julien J-P, Hua Y, Cupo A, Moore JP et al..  2014.  Structural evolution of glycan recognition by a family of potent HIV antibodies.. Cell. 159(1):69-79.
Murin CD, Julien J-P, Sok D, Stanfield RL, Khayat R, Cupo A, Moore JP, Burton DR, Wilson IA, Ward AB.  2014.  Structure of 2G12 Fab2 in complex with soluble and fully glycosylated HIV-1 Env by negative-stain single-particle electron microscopy.. J Virol. 88(17):10177-88.
Julien J-P, Lee J H, Cupo A, Murin CD, Derking R, Hoffenberg S, Caulfield MJ, King RC, Marozsan AJ, Klasse P J et al..  2013.  Asymmetric recognition of the HIV-1 trimer by broadly neutralizing antibody PG9.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110(11):4351-6.
Julien J-P, Sok D, Khayat R, Lee J H, Doores KJ, Walker LM, Ramos A, Diwanji DC, Pejchal R, Cupo A et al..  2013.  Broadly Neutralizing Antibody PGT121 Allosterically Modulates CD4 Binding via Recognition of the HIV-1 gp120 V3 Base and Multiple Surrounding Glycans.. PLoS Pathog. 9(5):e1003342.
Ringe RP, Sanders RW, Yasmeen A, Kim HJ, Lee J H, Cupo A, Korzun J, Derking R, van Montfort T, Julien J-P et al..  2013.  Cleavage strongly influences whether soluble HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein trimers adopt a native-like conformation.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110(45):18256-61.
Lyumkis D, Julien J-P, de Val N, Cupo A, Potter CS, Klasse P-J, Burton DR, Sanders RW, Moore JP, Carragher B et al..  2013.  Cryo-EM structure of a fully glycosylated soluble cleaved HIV-1 envelope trimer.. Science. 342(6165):1484-90.
Julien J-P, Cupo A, Sok D, Stanfield RL, Lyumkis D, Deller MC, Klasse P-J, Burton DR, Sanders RW, Moore JP et al..  2013.  Crystal Structure of a Soluble Cleaved HIV-1 Envelope Trimer.. Science.
Sok D, Laserson U, Laserson J, Liu Y, Vigneault F, Julien J-P, Briney B, Ramos A, Saye KF, Le K et al..  2013.  The effects of somatic hypermutation on neutralization and binding in the PGT121 family of broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies.. PLoS Pathog. 9(11):e1003754.
Klasse P J, Depetris RS, Pejchal R, Julien J-P, Khayat R, Lee J H, Marozsan AJ, Cupo A, Cocco N, Korzun J et al..  2013.  Influences on trimerization and aggregation of soluble, cleaved HIV-1 SOSIP envelope glycoprotein.. J Virol. 87(17):9873-85.
Sanders RW, Derking R, Cupo A, Julien J-P, Yasmeen A, de Val N, Kim HJ, Blattner C, de la Peña ATorrents, Korzun J et al..  2013.  A next-generation cleaved, soluble HIV-1 Env Trimer, BG505 SOSIP.664 gp140, expresses multiple epitopes for broadly neutralizing but not non-neutralizing antibodies.. PLoS Pathog. 9(9):e1003618.
Jardine J, Julien J-P, Menis S, Ota T, Kalyuzhniy O, McGuire A, Sok D, Huang P-S, Macpherson S, Jones M et al..  2013.  Rational HIV Immunogen Design to Target Specific Germline B Cell Receptors.. Science.